June 20, 2023

A.M. Ortega Welcomes ECTLC Candidates to Boot Camp

The training began on May 8, where A.M. Ortega owner and President Maurice Ortega welcomed candidates from East County Transitional Living Center to its “boot camp,” receiving their own personal protective equipment, and Ortega shirt, pants, safety work boots, safety vest and hard hat. After candidates complete their rehabilitation program at ECTLC, they will become employees of A.M. Ortega.

A.M. Ortega completed building their customized training center in 2018 where they can now develop a strong workforce and bring other organizations in such as ECTLC in for professional training in underground construction.

“We are not doing this because it is good for our customers,” Mr. Ortega comments. “If they can benefit from this, then fantastic. This is just a good fit. We are an East County company, ECTLC is East County. I belong to the East County Posse and that is how I got introduced to the ECTLC. It is a great group of guys. Right down Olde Highway 80 is our facility, so it will be easy to work with the ECTLC, and if they do not have transportation, they can get from point A to point B. Once we train them and if they do not have transportation, we can get them to a job site. All the way around it is a perfect fit. We want to give back as an East County based company and the locations are perfect to helping ones get back on their feet.”

“We want to give back and this is exciting,” he said. “Not just me, but the entire company is excited about this. I come in with goofy ideas all the time and do not get 100% buy in. I have 100% buy in with this project. Everybody is participating in this.”

Ortega said he understands that he knows that he does not have the ability to help all of those who are homeless, but if he can help the ones that he can, he can consider himself and his company as part of the solution.