Keeping services in-house creates a streamlined and cost-effective outcome

Our versatile skill set offers efficiency, smoother workflow, and timely completion

For decades, we have optimized our underground services to create a one-stop solution for our clients. We leverage our knowledge of grading, paving, and fencing to offer more efficient project planning, optimal financial outcomes, and quick resolutions to challenges, saving time and money on every project.

Safety is paramount

When you partner with A.M Ortega, you’re working with a construction team who is committed to the highest levels of safety. The technology we have invested in to ensure everyone is safe at all times, creates a culture of care. We genuinely believe safety is the most important thing we do.

Fill Wetland Restoration

Ortega comes to the aid of the endangered Least Tern bird

A wetland mitigation project which involved creating a salt marsh ecosystem by excavating 125,000 CY’s of fill and spreading it out over a 30 acre site. The project was environmentally sensitive due to the federally endangered Least Tern bird nesting habitat that is located on the site. The project was very successful! The site was graded and built as designed and the Least Tern birds returned to the newly created wetland!

Check out our video below.

We value a total project mindset, from the earliest planning to a running operation
  • Trench Replacement
  • Precision Cold Planning
  • Substation Site & Temporary Fencing
  • Retaining Walls
  • Civil Concrete Flatwork
  • Construction Yard Set-Up & Bmp/Swppp Maintenance
  • Asphalt Driveways
  • New Asphalt Roads
  • Asphalt Resurfacing
  • Sidewalk / Curbs
  • Electric Pads
  • Seal Coating and Striping

Substation Site Development & Structural Concrete

Walls and Fencing

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From humble beginnings 50 years ago, A.M. Ortega has proudly served with honesty, reliability, ingenuity, long-standing relationships, and proven outcomes. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished and our award-winning track record of excellence. With more than 300 employees at 2 locations In California, we will continue to grow at being the best for our clients, the community, and our employees.