Reliable gas and electric services benefit tens of thousands of mobile home residents

Our expertise ensures installed systems will meet current codes and high industry standards

Ortega replaces inefficient mobilehome park energy systems with new utility infrastructures. This work is important because residents who receive new utility-owned services can take advantage of their programs such as energy efficiency rebates. These upgrades also increase safety and service reliability for owners, residents and the community.

Building great experiences

Regardless of the size, we believe that every project deserves the premium planning, execution, and most importantly, safety standards. By collaborating closely with utility companies, clients, and trade partners, we ensure an exceptional experience every time.

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San Diego Gas & Electric, Client

Circuit 1090 Trench and Conduit

Southern California Gas, Client

Pipeline Safety Enhancement Plan

Habitat for Humanity, Client

Conduit Installation for Telecommunications

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From humble beginnings 50 years ago, A.M. Ortega has proudly served with honesty, reliability, ingenuity, long-standing relationships, and proven outcomes. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished and our award-winning track record of excellence. With more than 300 employees at 2 locations In California, we will continue to grow at being the best for our clients, the community, and our employees.