We take great pride in working on essential gas systems that support our communities

Masters at completing the most complex natural gas transmission projects

From a straight cross-country pipeline to a complicated inner city project, our 50 plus years of experience covers all forms of pipeline construction for crude oil, natural gas, petroleum products, petrochemicals, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and water/sewer.

The environment is also our home

We are dedicated to setting the standard for environmental stewardship in the field, our fleet, and our facilities, and carry these values through all facets of our business practices and partnerships.
We do it right the first time to ensure the gas infrastructure we build is 100% reliable
  • New Pipeline Installation
  • Trenchless Construction
  • Riser replacements
  • Customer secondary connections
  • Telecommunications service conduits
  • Complete Rule 20A distribution conversions
  • Underground electric transmission duct bank projects
  • High pressure steel pipeline installations
  • Plastic main replacements with service tie overs
  • New development construction
  • Compressor, Metering And Regulator Stations
  • Distribution Mains And Services Including Replacements, Relocates And Conversions
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Construction Management services
  • Overhead to underground conversions
  • Overhead and pad-mounted capacitor programs
  • PLSCADD and CAD mapping and drafting design services
  • Line and service extensions
  • Constructability reviews
  • New circuit/distribution substation planning programs
  • Circuit automation, reliability, upgrade and reconfiguration services
  • Switch and cable replacement programs
  • Reconductor programs
  • Third-party wireless programs
  • Material procurement and management programs
  • Emergency and after-hours action planning/response services
  • Power factor correction studies
  • Load flow studies
  • Voltage regulation application studies
  • System fault studies
  • Power requirement studies
  • Budget review process
  • Regularly scheduled climbing inspection and utility look-up
  • Regularly scheduled aerial inspection
  • Military facilities analysis
  • Real estate acquisition services
  • Transmission engineering* projects
  • Distribution/substation planning services
  • Distribution system inventory and condition assessment services
  • Electric distribution/substation protection programs
  • Residential, commercial and industrial distribution design services
  • GPS survey* services
  • Gas regulator stations
  • Large meter stations
  • Pipe and fitting sizing
  • CNG stations
  • DOT line relocations
  • Main extensions
  • Material specifications
  • System uprates
  • Site surveys* Contract administration
  • Construction inspection and management services
  • DOT permit applications
  • ROW requirements and acquisition
  • Project resource loading
  • Engineering*, Procurement and Construction (EPC)
  • Development of strategies and processes
  • Logistical planning
  • Safety and quality plans for site personnel management
  • Testing and commissioning support
  • Construction staking and field coordination

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Our spacious 1,500 sq. ft. training facility sits on approximately 3 acres in the peaceful hills of El Cajon on Olde Hwy. Outdoor training stations offer invaluable hands-on training experience that simulate technically demanding job site conditions.

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One of the best career decisions you’ll ever make, is to join our team. Competitive salaries and benefits, continuous training, opportunity for growth, and team-building, are just a few reasons why A.M. Ortega is your number one construction employer.