Pre-construction services lay the foundation for a functional, safe, and guaranteed system

Permits, retaining walls, roads, line locating, drafting–a highly detailed and efficient process

A.M. Ortega is known for our preparation and planning. Our careful execution of underground construction addresses legal requirements, ensures safety, and minimizes environmental impact. Before we submit a bid, a 2-D or 3-D drawing is executed so we can present a very clear scope and accurate estimate.

Post-construction ensures longevity of work completed

Proper maintenance is essential for preventing deterioration, minimizing the risk of failures, and extending the lifespan of what we build. Quality assurance and regular inspections gives our clients peace of mind.
Challenges are ironed out before work starts saving everyone invloved time, money, and headaches
  • Project Site Preparation
  • Access Road Construction
  • Bridge Crossings
  • Substation Site Preparation
  • Site Demolition
  • Temporary & Permanent Fence Installation
  • Retaining Walls
  • Underground electric transmission duct bank projects
  • High-pressure steel pipeline installations
  • Plastic main replacements with service tie-overs
  • New development construction

Safety is Our First Priority


Resolved In Real-Time Via IPad

Safety Audits

Field Safety Managers Upload Results Immediately

Crew Reports

JSA/JHA/AHA Software Identifies Hazards

Safety App

Observations Reported Via Smartphone


Reported AND Measured IN REAL TIME

Our relentless pursuit of safety is more than just a program, it’s a mentality engrained into the A.M.O. culture. All reports made in the field are collected on a sophisticated software dashboard. These stats-at-a-glance aid us to further enhance our safety and invest in resources where they are most needed.

Build Your Career with A.M. Ortega

One of the best career decisions you’ll ever make, is to join our team. Competitive salaries and benefits, continuous training, opportunity for growth, and team-building, are just a few reasons why A.M. Ortega is your number one construction employer.

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From humble beginnings 50 years ago, A.M. Ortega has proudly served with honesty, reliability, ingenuity, long-standing relationships, and proven outcomes. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished and our award-winning track record of excellence. With more than 300 employees at 2 locations In California, we will continue to grow at being the best for our clients, the community, and our employees.